Paolo Travagnin professional actor and marriage celebrant

Paolo Travagnin

Presenter, actor, art therapist, musician with more than thirty years of experience, multifaceted, sensitive and brilliant.

Radio and television author and conductor, professional musician, composer of music for images, sound comments, sound design, soundtracks, radio spots (his famous national campaign of Elisir di Rocchetta). He has worked in the major national television and radio stations. In his eclectic and long experience he has been Artistic Director, Editorial Consultant, Editor-in-Chief and Organizer of numerous cultural and entertainment events of international caliber as Renato Carosone and his Show.

His motto ... "it's not because things are difficult that we do not dare to do them, it's because we do not let them become difficult ...”

Always a keen student of the mind-body relationship in artistic expression is Arteterapeuta, Music Therapist and Teacher of Awareness Techniques and Body Expression, Stress Management and Finger Fitness Mindfulness based.