Matteo Micheli professional actor marriage celebrator

Matteo Micheli

Professional actor, with twenty years of experience, histrionic character, brilliant.

Matteo Micheli after Theater School…has been acting professionally since 18 years old…and is still going strong as an actor, even though he does it so well,that no-one knows he is acting... Work with some of the greatest performers of contemporary theater (from Gabriele Lavia to Tullio Solenghi, through Zuzzurro and Gaspare, Maurizio Micheli, Benedicta Boccoli, Gianrico Tedeschi, Michele Mirabella, Sebastiano Lomonaco, Maurizio Nichetti and many others .. ..) has always dealt with cabaret and animation ... and now here it is ... in an "official"

His motto ... "I like to pretend to be a serious officiant ... since in life I never really take me seriously ..." ... and joking apart, succeeds very well ... ensuring, despite his decidedly goliardic soul, an actor-ceremonial service that today has given unforgettable moments to the married couples ... with spontaneous freshness and sympathy, but at the same time with professionalism, elegance and seriousness.

Numerous are the stages he traced throughout Italy in quality and role of actor, comedian. Finally, not least his great aptitude for singing, which brought him to the forefront of success on the national scene as one of the main performers of the classical repertoire of Italian operetta.