The religious symbolic marriage: the celebrant actor in our religious re-proposal.

Symbolic marriage with symbolic religious rite and celebrating actor:

Why choose a wedding with a fake religious rite with an officiating actor?

First of all, let's specify that this is ALWAYS done with professional actors coming from the stage or from the theater. Moreover we are the very first in Rome and among the first in Italy since 2006 to have proposed and designed the service of a symbolic civil ceremony, and certainly among the very few to provide a service for the SYMBOLIC RELIGIOUS SERVICE. The reasons that persuade a married couple to opt for the choice of a fictitious re-proposal of the SYMBOLIC RELIGIOUS MARRIAGE can be the most varied, from a pure logistical impediment, to a problem of religious belief of one or both spouses, who can or do not want to give up the emotion of celebrating the classic marriage rite par excellence.

How it works: Liturgy of the word, authenticity and moral questions.

Among all the services we offer, that of the SYMBOIC RELIGIOUS RITE is certainly the most delicate, for obvious moral reasons and related to spiritual aspects, in absolute and in particular also because Italy is in fact a nation historically and culturally of strong Christian faith . Therefore our approach "is" and must absolutely be seen in a perspective of professional performance of the actor, with regard to the separation on the spiritual question on the one hand, and the identification with it, as would happen in a fiction. The celebration of the SYMBOLIC RELIGIOUS MARRIAGE comes back to that of LITURGY OF THE WORD, which does not in fact contemplate THE COMMUNION, which for obvious reasons linked precisely to the respect of spirituality and the sacrament in which different subjects are involved from the main actors (SPOUSES AND WITNESSES) we will avoid. As well as for any type of consecration or rituality that does not involve only the same main actors, the revival of the LITURGY OF THE WORD, which is in itself a simpler and less demanding ritual than the classical one, will be planned and programmed in its different options together with the spouses after at least 2 preliminary meetings with our ACTOR / ACTRESS PRIEST, compatibly to their wishes, expectations and character but always in line with the respect and verisimilitude of the same ritual. AN ABSOLUTE CONDITION, is the signature of the release of the main actors (ACTOR /ACTRESS PRIEST AND WITNESSES) which declares the nature absolutely fictitious and purely theatrical and reminiscent nature of the symbolic religious rite, as well as the use of all material and the items, as not origina,l and purely for theatrical purposes. It is also NECESSARY that the location is NOT a place of CULT or CONSECRATED. The service of religious rite (symbolic priest) is available, except for dates already committed, always throughout the year, although based in Rome, we operate throughout the national territory. All the equipment used in the symbolic ceremony is of absolute quality and verisimilitude, starting from the clothes, the vestments, the missal, the candles, coordinated for the altar, any kneeling, and all the "pseudo-sacred" accessories for the celebration , compatible always to the staging and the performing of the ceremony and its optimal success.

Our goal.

It is the most important moment of an extraordinary and unrepeatable day, and as such it must be treated. Conscious of the fact that it is a REPRESENTATION even if of excellent workmanship, without any LEGAL or RELIGIOUSLY RECOGNIZED value, our aim is therefore to make the emotional side live, not only to the spouses, but also the friends and relatives, in a manner more faithful and rich as possible, always in line with the wishes, expectations and character of the spouses, leaving to us every concern and incumbency related to the conduct and realization of the ceremony as chosen and programmed in the previous agreements.