Symbolic Marriage in Italy. Why choose a professional Celebrant?

Symbolic wedding - The civil ceremony with a ceremonial actor.

Why choose a symbolic wedding with a celebrant actor, such as a symbolic mayor?

First of all, let's specify that this is ALWAYS done with professional actors coming from the stage or from the theater. Moreover we are the very first in Rome and among the first in Italy since 2006 to have proposed and conceived and offered the service of celebrant for the symbolic wedding, for the joy of all couples, with requirements related to the celebration of a symbolic civil ceremony . The reasons that encourage a married couple to opt for the choice of a symbolic wedding with civil ceremony are the most varied, and in ten years of experience, activity and with hundreds of happy and exciting unions we have really witnessed many very varied case studies.

How it works: personalization, authenticity and modularity:

Starting from the official classical civil ceremony, which contemplates the registry and reading to the spouses of the articles of the civil code regulating civil unions in Italy, our professional actors, planning a meeting with the spouses at our office, or in the case of couples residing abroad through videoconference with skype, will guide you in choosing emotional content, songs, anecdotes, speeches, writings, poems and anything else you can talk about, adding pieces to a mosaic that will make you relive the journey that has led to the great moment of promise, in an enfolded emotional crescendo. Our professional actor therefore, will take on the role of a delegate of the mayor (with fascia and attached modules), will organize himself with the spouses themselves giving life to a faithful revival of the civil function in the place chosen by you. The personalization of the symbolic wedding is absolutely free and will be tailored to your desires: From the most baroque rich, enthralling, romantic, to the most essential basic, and institutional. We are also able to manage and celebrate multilingual symbolic unions, with actors who speak English, and to solve further linguistic problems by offering advice for printing booklets with text and translation in front. AN ABSOLUTE CONDITION, is the signature of the release by the main actors (CELEBRANT, SPOUSES AND WITNESSES) where it declares the absolutely fictitious and purely theatrical and reminiscent nature of the ritual. The Civil Rite service (symbolic mayor) is available, except for dates already committed, always throughout the year, although based in Rome, we operate throughout the national territory. All the equipment used in the symbolic ceremony is of absolute quality and veracity, starting from the band of the mayor delegate with embroidered LOGOS that reproduce facsimile official ones (depending on the chosen municipality), ending with the facsimile of the minutes of the wedding printed on elegant paper, also bearing the logos that recall the official ones (according to the chosen municipality), hand-written in duplicate with a stamp (always fictitious). To enrich and complete a ritual already in itself absolutely engaging, the spouses can also choose among many other symbolic formulas of union such as: CEREMONY OF THE SAND - CEREMONY OF THE CANDLES - CEREMONY OF THE TREE OF FRIENDS - CEREMONY OF THE CHAIN OF THE RINGS

Our goal.

It is the most important moment of an extraordinary and unrepeatable day, and it must be treated as such. Our aim is therefore to make the emotional side live, not only for the spouses, but also for the friends and relatives, who often find absolutely no space in the official locations, also due to the lack of empathy shown by the real officers of the civil status, In a more faithful way It is as rich as possible, always in line with the wishes, expectations and character of the spouses, leaving us with every concern and incumbency related to the conduct and realization of the ceremony as chosen and planned previously between the parties.