The Marriage with a Celtic Druidic rite: the Druidic actor, how it works.

Celtic marriage, with Druidic Actor.

Why choose a medieval marriage with a Celtic, Druidic rite?

First of all, let's specify that this is ALWAYS carried out by professional actors from the stage or from the theater, no amateur at risk then! Moreover we are the first in Rome and among the first in Italy since 2006 to have proposed and designed this service, for the joy of all couples, with problems related to the celebration of a symbolic civil ceremony. The reasons that persuade a married couple to opt for the choice of a revival of the marriage ritual are the most varied, and in ten years of experience, activity and with hundreds of happy and exciting unions we have really witnessed very varied case studies. In this case it is all those couples who wish to opt for a ritual, very evocative, and full of symbolism, linked to the pure forces and spirits of nature, the forest, which has its roots in the ancient Celtic culture, druidic and pagan. For associating with, ( some group, cosplay, medieval associations in costume) or personal or cultural heritage (many couples in northern Italy or northern Europe), because driven by personal motivations that led them to approach the spirituality and ancestral forces of nature, for originality, or only for the spirit of curiosity or a strong aesthetic sense.

How it works: realization, symbolism, verisimilitude, preparation:

The Druidic Celtic marriage is celebrated in forests and woods, possibly near a source of water. The circle in the symbolism of the Celts is very important and represents the totality of life. Nature is fundamental for the Celts: places with trees, stones and streams are for them places where ancestral spirits live. Celtic symbolism is inspired by the four natural elements and the power that flows from them: earth, air, water and fire. So our professional actor will take on the role of a Druid Priest and organize himself with the couple themselves, giving life to a faithful re-proposal of the ritual in the place chosen by you. Given the richness of the ritual, at least two meetings with the spouses will be necessary for the knowledge and exact execution of all the phases of the ceremony. The customization of the ceremony is absolutely free and will follow your wishes: always starting from the main ritual that is faithfully re-staged. We are also able to manage and celebrate multilingual ceremonies and rites, with actors who speak English, and to solve further linguistic problems by offering advice for printing booklets with text and translation during the process. AN.ABSOLUTE CONDITION, is the signature of the release by the main actors (DRUIDIC PRIEST, SPOUSES AND WITNESSES) which declares the absolutely fictitious character, and purely theatrical and reminiscent nature of the rite. The Celtic Druidic Rite service is available, except for dates already committed, always throughout the year, although based in Rome, we operate throughout the national territory. All the equipment and the objects used in the ritual are of absolute quality and authenticity. The originality and uniqueness are our points of strength and everything is carried out in our creative work process specifically for your ritual. Our long experience in the theatrical field therefore allows us to dedicate the most meticulous care to the details of the equipment of the formulas and the contents of the ritual: starting with the ALTAR, or the skins of TOTEM ANIMALS, which are made of leather with pyrography, for talking about the COSTUMES of the DRESSER PRIEST and the ANCELLE, or of the HORN POTORIO for the offer of IDROMELE the drink par excellence sacred to the spirits of nature, or of the recall horn played by the PRIEST in various crucial phases of the ritual to recall the ancestral forces , or of the FALCETTO, of CARDINAL POINTS, made on sections of beech with pyrography, or containers for THE OFFERS OF DIVINITY. Also part of the ceremony is the RITE OF LIGHT as a symbol of continuity of life and spiritual union of the two individuals, and in closing the RITUAL OF BINDING AND MERGING, based on the VERGA DI TAGGIO and correlated by the symbolism of the colors WHITE (FEMMININE UNIVERSE) AND RED (MALE UNIVERSE). To enrich and complete a ritual already in itself absolutely engaging and of a strong reminiscent and spiritual nature, the preparation of the CIRCLE made with white stones, and the BRACIERI with burning embers that act as entrance to the designated space, the drafting of PERGAMENE with the entire rite, both original and personalized, which will then be signed by the MARRIED COUPLE AND BY THE WITNESSES. Last but not least, a SOUND COLUMN, at your choice, live with our MEDIEVAL MUSICIANS, or recorded and appropriately assembled with the sounds and tonalities of nature.

Our goal:

It is the most important moment of an extraordinary and unrepeatable day, and as such it must be treated. Our aim is therefore to make the emotional side live, and in this case the spiritual aspect not only to the spouses protagonists but also the friends and relatives, who will be called more than in any other celebration, to be an active part of the rite that is taking place under their eyes. The setting and the perfect scenographic / ritualistic reconstruction, in addition to our sensitivity and experience in interpreting your feelings and desires will help to make the day of your wedding not only a day to remember in vivid colors, but above all a a unique and unforgettable experience like a perfect dream, leaving to us all concerns and duties related to the conduct and implementation of the ceremony, as planned and programmed in proceeding agreemente. .