Giovanni Grasso actor professional wedding celebrator

Giovanni Grasso

Over 30-year career, and still loving every moment!

Actor, voice-talent, performer, created and multifaceted multiartist..So I never get bored! I am one of the founders of the agency “Circle” and I also manage the Multi-media production studio “Desansound”. My theatrical training was at I.N.D.A the National Institute of Ancient Drama in Syracuse, graduating in 1992/94, under the guidance of the leading exponents of contemporary theater, such as A.Laurenzi, Cinieri, Pagliaro, Giurana, De Martino, Pressburger. I attended the D.A.M.S degree course Discipline of Art, Music, and Entertainment in Bologna.

Professionally, I have had a long career in Theater (G.Lavia, M.Ranieri, M.Scaparro, G.Sammartano, G.Anfuso, E. Marcucci, V.Fortunato), broadcasting, film, and animation. But my career did not begin with the theater, it arrived at theater, to then re-start, utilizing the stage experience in all my activities. My first appearances in 1981 in local tv, as a performer, illusionist, magician, and 35 years of Show-Business career, during which I have developed techniques and diverse complementary skills, such as stilts performer, fakir, conjurer, playmaker with soap-bubbles, just to name a few. Also a teacher of show disciplines at regional schools, and the University of Siena.

Being one of the creators and first performers to propose the Finto Sindaco (Symbolic Mayor) service, in Italy already 13 years ago, a period in which it was an absolute novelty, I would claim the originality and excellence of our Service, having happily united in marriage numerous couples of any nationality, gender, sexuality, and religion. I can just say that it is one of the most beautiful and intriguing ideas that we have created, and each time it’s like the first time…a great emotion, to know togetherness, sharing a journey in which we too, are all unified, as actors and conductors of your symphony of love.