Clive Anthony Riche english actor for wedding ceremonies in Italy

Clive Anthony Riche

Actor for radio-tv-cinema, musician, performer, presenter, multi-media voiceover talent.

Clive Anthony Riche began his career as Presenter/Master of Ceremonies when working for the BBC in London in the 1980’s. He then worked in various communities in the USA where he developed his interest in contemporary music. Presently, a film, tv actor, and sound-design consultant based in Rome, he is well-known also for his tv and night-spot performances of “Hot-Jazz Swing”.

More than 40 years in the field of “True Expression”. After qualifications in Jurisprudence, he worked at the BBC in presentation, in radio and television, as well as numerous appearances in the vibrant London Theatre scenario. He then went to work in Canada, and the USA, in particular, Colorado, where he expanded his knowledge of screenplay writing, diction, presentation, music, and the creation and performance of “Sacred Ritual Arts”.

Now based in Italy, with a career in Multi-Media English Language Consultancy, he is delighted to collaborate with Giovanni Grasso, for whom he has a profound admiration and shared outlook, specifically in the attention paid to TONALITY of EXPRESSION, and the use of ART in the CELEBRATION OF ONENESS.