Circle-events animation presentation

Circle events-animation

Founded in Rome in 2008

as a natural unifying factor for a group of professionals in the field, which after decades of commitment to the entertainment sector and show management, we saw the need to establish our own operational structure, both from a logistical and organizational point of view. This took place within the already existing structure of Audio/Video Multimedia productions, Desansound, operating in the sector for more than ten years, in order to differentiate the animation and entertainment services and shows also for private clients.

Our Founder: Giovanni Grasso, actor, voice-talent, performer, creative and multifaceted artist,

professional training at the I.N.D.A. National Institute of Dramatic arts of Syracuse, graduating in 1992/94 under the guidance of the leading exponents of contemporary theatre, such as Cinieri, Pagliaro, Giuranna, De Martino, Pressburger. He attended the D.A.M.S Degree course in Bologna. Professionally he has considerable experience in theater, broadcasting, film, and animation. He is also a teacher of Show disciplines, at regional schools, and the University of Siena. He manages the most diverse and challenging Events and Entertainments Agency through the use of his strong organizational competence and artistic/managerial excellence, skills gained in the field.

Our Co-Founder is Annarita Murri, young and talented multi-artist, singer and Creative Manager.

Trained as Animator in major tourist hotels and entertainment agencies. Her degree in Educational Sciences offers her extraordinary communicative capacity to the world of children, as she manages the most delicate and challenging sector of the agency – that of children’s entertainment. She was instinctively drawn to this essential and fascinating sector as a result of her extraordinary sensibility and empathy towards young children. Today she combines these activities, supplementing them with those educational skills derived from her studies and commitment in the field of children’s education, in structures affiliated with the City of Rome.