Liana Amicone professional actress and marriage celebrant

Liana Amicone

Actress, set designer, conductor, event manager, journalist. A professional, multifaceted, sensitive, elegant...

Liana Amicone, conductor, actress, organizer of events began working in the world of theater first as a costume designer having grown up in the family atelier and having learned the art of sartorial at a very young age. Followed by several collaborations as a set designer, as a result of her courses in artistic studies, to tread the stage in the role of actress playing comedies and musicals

From the theater to the television, the passage is short. In the following years she joined the team of an Italian television and film production, where she practiced journalism and was entrusted with the task of "sending" making interviews and services for the "multilingual tg" broadcast on the regional and national networks.

Within the same company she was also in charge of voice for advertising spots and documentaries, while talking care of the costume and society column in the monthly magazine published by the company. Subsequently she collaborated with other editors curating pages of show and actuality. She plays roles in cinema and on TV.

She deals with the organization of events (art, culture, fashion, entertainment) and presents numerous artistic events. She has received prizes for her career and commitment, conferred by the Municipality of Rome and the Presidency of the Italian Republic for the co-design of the format for social purposes "Models and Rotelle" (first fashion show of models in wheelchairs who have sustained spinal cord injuries).